insurance broker Frankfurt am Main

insurance broker Frankfurt am Main for german insurance

I specialize in financial clerks

As an insurance broker i take care around an insurance concept. So we design your personal insurance concept. Taunusstein is located 10km north from Wiesbaden an 30km from Frankfurt am Main. If you want to know more, follow the Button.

here we are

What can be in the insurance concept?

There are an houshold, an glass breakrage, elektronics, an liability (also for a dog or a House), a legal expenses insurance, an home insurance, an accident insurance and an car insurance. You get a customer login, an app for your contract management. There you can upload documents and Fotos from an accident and change bank account ore your adress. I don’t offer health or pension insurance.

Read all about the concept in german

In Germany, even also in Frankfurt am Main, an insurance broker don`t take money for selling insurance. Insurance Broker get a commission from the insurance company. It’s a part from your contribution. I Offer a large variety of German Companies and Rates.

But you only can buy the insurance concept and, for example, not only the car insurance. I recommend a personal conversation. My wife is a bilingual secretary. So if your german is not good enouth, please book a personal conversation in the evening, not in the morning, wenn my wife, Stefanie Schwarz, is in the house. You are welcome to bring a German speaking colleague. Thank you

At the second step by booking, use „Kanzlei“. I am looking forward to your visit.

make a personal appoinment in Taunusstein

Download pdf houshold insurance from Haftpflichtkasse. Click on picture below.

Download pdf liability insurance from Haftpflichtkasse. Click on picture below.

Your insurance broker for Frankfurt am Main, Sven Nebenführ

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